A Love Capsule



Havas Worldwide | 2015 - Creative Concept, Art Direction - Client: Durex/RB

Brazilians are well-known around the world by our 4 days street party called Carnival. Bare-naked men and women walking in the streets, lots of caipirinhas, everything is conducive to sex at this time of year.

But after that, the story is completely different. Talking about sex is almost a taboo for the vast majority of the country. Plus in a recent research, we discovered that 1 in every 2 Brazilians is not happy about their sexual life.

Durex arrived in Brazil to break the taboo and raise sex to another level.

The Durex Love Capsule was a 15 meters above the ground VIP lounge that happened during the Salvador Carnival. People could enjoy the view with their partners, doing whatever they wanted in a protected ambient - inside of the capsule, you could see what is outside, but not the other way.

But more than this, the Love Capsule raised awareness and people start to discuss sex-related subjects over the country. Not just about safe sex, but matters concerning sexuality itself, gender freedom of choice, etc.

We subverted Carnival to make people questioning sexuality matters in a way no one had made before.




Webby Awards – Honoree in Integrated Campaigns 2015


Creative Director: Jonas Kühner, Jorge Teixeira
Creative Concept: Jonas Kühner, Jorge Teixeira, Claudio Villa, Ana Dolabela
Art Director: Claudio Villa, Dani Mochida
Copywriter: Ana Dolabela
Account Director: Elisa Rigotti
Client Approval: Eduardo Magalhães